Change the Society with Adult Education Programs

An adult education program is conducted in order to educate citizens above the age of eighteen. It is necessary if their thoughts and mentality are to be changed. After they are educated, they can make amendments in their own house. This, in turn, brings a huge change in the entire society. The Indian government has brought out ways to train and educate adults so that they can change their mentality and succeed in their life in their own small way.

Here are some programs which the government has brought out for the Indian adults.

1. Sex education

As we all know, India has the second largest population after China. Now the question is why did it happen? In ancient times, Indians were driven to have a male child and not a female child. It is believed that girls are a liability and sons will take care of their parents in their old age. This practice till date is seen among many Indian families.

In order to change this kind of a mentality, the government takes steps to educate citizens. This leads the citizens to use birth control pills, condoms and other contraceptive methods. They are given a view that girls and boys are on the same level. Couples are also trained that they should not have more than two children.

2. Vocational training

Adult Education in Navi Mumbai includes vocational training. This training is given to citizens who are unemployed. First, someone’s capability is judged and accordingly, he or she is trained for any particular job.

If a lady is unemployed and if she has the creativity to do works related to stitching, then the government take steps in order to make her professional so that she can show her creativity in the desired place. She is also helped to secure a job with the government or any other business organization.

3. Increasing literacy level

Adult education and training also include going to schools. This is a training program for school dropouts and illiterate citizens. After gaining some amount of knowledge, they cannot be made fools further. They will be able to sign their names in important documents and can also read before signing any legal papers.

This program has shown quite an effect on the Indian society. The government is making people aware of the need of education. Whether men or women, each and everyone is opting for basic literacy training.

While most people tend to disregard the significance of adult education programs, they play an important role in transforming the society and bringing about social awakening and change. Education helps to broaden the perspective of individuals and help them see things in a new light.

Importance of Sex Education in Teenage

In many societies, people feel embarrassed while discussing sex. It has been associated for so long with unacceptable and dirty feelings. Embarrassment also comes from the mystery surrounding this whole act. Many religious preachers always preach to abstain from sex and observe abstinence attain salvation. But in societies where sex has been open and free, it is accepted much more easily as being normal and natural.

Many families do not feel necessary to talk on this topic. They do not discuss it to their children and as a consequence children try to discover it through their own. Generally, the teens learn the major part of this vital science from their friends who themselves are not well known of the complete fact.

Boys in their puberty enjoy looking at the picture of naked women. Generally, boys and men can become sexually aroused when looking at the picture of naked women in magazines, adult films and by having sexual fantasies. Sexual arousal is a pleasurable feeling. So they enjoy looking at such kind of things.

Many times boys and girl masturbate. It helps relieve some of the sexual tension that is an inevitable part of growing up. Both boys and girls get involved in this type of things. Boys masturbate more than girls because the penis is more accessible and they are more used to touching it.

Masturbation is not bad for health in any way. But always remember that it should not become compulsive. Girls and women masturbate mostly with their hands, rubbing against the sensitive, clitoris at the top of the vulva. They may use a firm action over the whole vulva. Sometimes using one or more fingers to enter the vagina and imitate the rhythmic movement of intercourse.

There is no specific age when boys or girls suddenly become interested in sex. The way they feel about it has a lot to do with the level of sex hormones which are estrogens in girl and testosterone in the boy. Physical features directly involved in sexual behaviour and reproduction. The gonads (testes and ovaries) and the external sex organs (penis and vagina) are known as primary sex characteristics.

There are few terms like promiscuous and nymphomaniac. We will discuss these terms in brief. Promiscuity is a sexual behavior which denotes having physical relation with a variety of partners. But this does not apply to the girl who carries contraceptives. It is a wise step to keep contraceptives as she is accepting responsibility for her actions. She cares both for herself and her partners.

Nymphomaniac is a compulsive need for sexual stimulation and gratification in women, frequently leading to promiscuity or to masturbation performed several time a day. But in this case, it simply means that she is young and healthy. But if a girl feels sexy for more than one boy at a time, it does not mean she is a nymphomaniac.